Introducing Intrepid Insight’s First Client: Cane and Compass

Cane and Compass is a collaborative resource website for Orientation and Mobility (O&M) Specialists. O&M Specialists work with individuals who are blind or visually impaired on independent travel and living skills. Among the various fields O&M’s can be found in, Special Education is one of them.

One of the biggest struggles when starting out as a new O&M instructor, in Special Education, is creating appropriate educational goals for students. There are plenty of goal banks out there online for O&M Specialists, but few of them are filterable and searchable. What often is the case, is O&Ms have a hard time finding goals that specifically suit the types of students they have. Additionally, the other struggle with current online goal banks is the scarcity of ready-to-use data sheets.  On top of that, it seems like there is a rarity of auto-fill data sheets.

We partnered with Cane and Compass to create a collaborative goal bank with data sheets where O&M Specialists could easily add their own goals to be a resource as well as search for the type of goal they wanted-or at least a goal that was related to what they wanted. We hope that this dynamic, searchable, and categorized Goal Bank will be easy to use, helpful, and add to the list of resources that are out there for O&Ms. Here at Intrepid Insight, we are proud to partner with organizations with a cause. We are also proud that Cane and Compass is #1 in our 18 for 2018 initiative! You can check out the goal bank below, and continue reading about how to use it further below:

Orientation and Mobility Goal Bank



  1. Go to the “Submit Your Own Goal” tab.
  2. Fill in your name and display name. Note, your full name will not be shared publicly but your display name will.
  3. Give your goal an appropriate title. Make it simple, short, and to the point so that it can be easily searchable.
  4. Select which Skill Category it relates to. At the moment, you can only select one. So pick the one that most closely fits your goal.
  5. If the goal is targeted for a specific age group, uncheck the “Any” box and use the slider to select the appropriate age range.
  6. The exciting part: enter your goal!
  7. If you have a corresponding data sheet, you can upload it.
  8. Lastly, to make sure we don’t get spam entries, fill in the “Are You A Robot” blank.

In order to unlock the “Submit” button, all fields marked with a red asterisk must be filled in along with the “Are You a Robot” fill in the blank. It should be quick and easy!


  1. To search for a specific goal, type in the “Search” field the topic or category you’re looking for. The goal bank will then populate with all the goals related to that specific category.
  2. You can also sub-filter the search results by field. For example, you can filter results by age appropriateness, date contributed, name of contributer, and so on.


  1. If a data sheet is uploaded with the goal, simple click on the hyperlink or blue text and the sheet will automatically download.
  2. Some data sheets are created in excel with pre-set formulas, so all you have to do is fill in the blanks. The data sheet should auto calculate the results for you.

Remember to go check out the goal bank here.

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