Answering Quora Questions – And Future Content

Intrepid Insight will be taking a small summer break as several of our team members transition jobs and take road trips. In early August we plan to begin unloading some content on the following topics:

  • How to maximize engagement, donations or viewership given a budget and a set of advertisement methods (data and math driven).
  • How and when to use the log transformation when doing linear regression.
  • When to use traditional OLS/linear regression, and when to use more advanced machine learning algorithms (gradient boosting, etc). 
  • The launch of Intrepid Insight’s median employee total compensation and CEO compensation index, extracted from SEC filings.
  • The dangers of the mean and median.

We are also in the early stages of our second project! Without spilling the beans too early, the project involves analyzing two research papers on the same topic which are in disagreement and giving our independent assessment.

I have also launched a Quora account, where I have posted several answers that are related to future content. The goal of my Quora account is to expand Intrepid Insight’s audience by focusing on the education portion of our mission. You can view my public Quora profile here


Here are some Quora answers which I think are particularly relevant to future content and to the focus areas of Intrepid Insight:


Regression Answers

What are the main assumptions of a linear regression model?

What does autocorrelated residual indicate in linear regression?

What can I conclude if the multiple regression is significant but the residual is high?

(note that the wording of this question was a little confusing, but I spell out my understanding of the question in my answer)

Sampling Methods

What is the need for sampling?

What is systematic sampling? What are the pros and cons?


What is the effect of an increase in price when supply is perfectly inelastic?

Why is it called inflation when food prices increase but not when property prices increase?



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