Blog Post on TechSoup: Data Science and Volunteer Matching

It was a pleasure working with the TechSoup staff to publish this blog post: How Data Science Can Be Used to Power Civil Society Across the World

The article is generally meant to inspire data science uptake in the nonprofit world. However the core of the essay uses our newest tool: the Efficient Volunteer Matching Applet, which is available for free with a how-to-guide: Efficient Volunteer Matching Applet. We plan to release additional blog posts on the tool next week and in the future, with a focus on the nice economic properties it has and what those properties mean for nonprofits.

For technical readers, the full R-Shiny code for the applet is available on Github: Organizations have our full permission to use the code locally if they prefer to do so. If you use it and think it was helpful, we would love it if you could donate through our PayPal (see the side bar), as the money helps us run our server and maintain our free tools.

Finally, I encourage nonprofits looking for tech-based solutions and guidance to go read through TechSoup’s resources. They go through a broad range of topics and will definitely be on my radar in the future.


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