Intrepid Insight thrives on two things: engaging, relevant content and completion of high-quality work for our non-profit and local government partners. We are currently looking for people to join our team as writers, project team members, or liaisons. Specifically, we are looking for people with any of the following skills:


  1. Web Design
  2. Nonprofit/Tax Law
  3. Fundraising
  4. Human Resources
  5. Graphic Designers
  6. STATA Programmers with a Licensed Copy of STATA
  7. Public Policy Analysts


Because Intrepid Insight is operated on a not-for-profit basis, all of these positions are volunteer. However, we do think that contributors have a lot to gain from partnering with us.


First, contributors will get to help good causes. Our main mission is to provide free or substantially below cost consulting services to non-profits and local governments. Many of our target clients are tight for cash and are fighting in the trenches for really incredible causes. because consulting services, particular in the data science and statistical areas, are so expensive, we think we can be a huge help to a diverse range of organizations.


Second, contributors gain exposure and credit for all of their work. Whether you write a blog post or create one of our free tools, we will make sure to give you full credit where credit is due. Contributors also receive the benefits of our constant efforts to increase I^2’s exposure on the web. Contributors are free to re-use any content they generate for Intrepid Insight, whether that be on their personal blog or elsewhere.


Third, contributors can showcase their work to future employers. This is volunteer work that both hones and showcases your talents. We think it hits two birds with one stone. Because most of our projects and tools are public, and we believe transparency of methods is important, contributors will get the chance to show both the end product and the steps they took to achieve a goal. These are helpful, tangible signals to employers. Additionally, contributors will have access to a diverse range of talent from other contributors and our directors that will complement their own skills. Data people will have access to writers, policy analysts, and IT professionals. Writers and human resource professionals will have access to data expertise.


Fourth, because all positions are volunteer, we require very minimal commitment.Contributors are free to choose their level of involvement, whether that is putting in several hours everyday or only hopping on a project every few months.


Finally, Intrepid Insight believes in self-direction. Contributors are welcome to pitch their own ideas or hop on to existing projects. They can even ask for suggestions, and then manage and control the project as their own we have tons of ideas, and not enough people to do them!). We have a general theme for our blog and projects, but we are flexible and always open minded.


If any of that interests you, please sign up for more information. Signing up is not a commitment, it will just let our directors now you are interested and they will reach out to talk to you.


Apply to be an Intrepid Contributor