Efficient Volunteer Matching Applet

Please fill in the below options. If the volunteer identifier does not uniquely identify people, or if each volunteer does not have their preferences fully filled out, the submit button will be locked. Fully filled out means that each volunteer MUST rank each job.

The file uploaded was either not a .csv or was empty. Please upload data in a tabular format in a .csv file.

The preference columns need to have a similar name, like 'pref1, pref2, pref3'. Then you would fill in the below with 'pref'.

There is not at least one position and at least one person. Re-submit with more data.

The results will be displayed in a table, and can be downloaded using the -Download Current Data- button.

Note: This may take several minutes for situations where there are many people and few different positions (many duplicate positions). If there are more positions than volunteers, there will be unmatched positions. If there are more volunteers than positions, there will be unmatched volunteers. There should never be BOTH unmatched volunteers and unmatched positions. Any unmatched positions/volunteers will be listed with blanks in one column.

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