Efficient Volunteer Matching Applet: A free tool that matches volunteers to tasks given a list of volunteers, volunteer preferences, and tasks. It utilizes the Top Trading Cycle algorithm to perform assignments, which results in assignments that are efficient, stable (no sub-group of employees could do better given their positions from the previous year), truthfulness (no volunteer has incentive to lie about their preferences) and individually rational (no previous volunteer is assigned a task that is worse than their task from the last year (if this is a repeated event). The tool is great for nonprofits who take volunteer sign-ups for recurring events or tasks.

City-to-City Housing Price Impact Modeler (CTCHPIM): Analyzes the impact of a median housing price increase in one city on another city. All pairwise combinations of cities within each county in California are available. Data is courtesy of Zillow and the applet is powered by RShiny and Plotly.